About Eva


I am a Chartered Psychologist and Psychotherapist in both, the UK and Germany. This leaves me with the unique position to feel at home in two of the most competent, yet very different, approaches to mental health.

My work is primarily emotion-focused, as I believe this is where both, problems as well as their solutions, manifest, but I also lean heavily on a science-based view on presentations on treatment. CBT, EMDR and Emotion Focused Therapy are all three well-researched and accomplished approaches that work well together.

During my extensive training, I spent two years working in in-patient treatment of the whole range of severe presentations, including Borderline and other Personality Disorders, psy

In addition to my CBT training, I trained in Emotion Focused Therapy and EMDR. In London I got further training in High-Intensity CBT and worked within the IAPT-system. I am registered with the BABCP, ISEFT and listed in the German register of doctors.


Since 2019 I focus on my private practice, where I specialise on an emotion-based approach to more complex presentations, often including the impact of complex trauma. Most of my patients benefit from a combination of 'hands-on' CBT strategies and experience-based emotion focused treatment. I enjoy working with clients who struggle with their emotion - mood swings, too much or too little emotion, often leading to relationship problems, but also somatic symptoms and, of course, more emotions....

Being able to learn about other people in depth is a great privilege of my job. I am curious to unravel the layers of a problem and find ways of helping my clients to self-regulate. 

I work from Emotion Clinic Notting Hill which is a great space to work with individuals and couples.


Since 2018 I share my rooms with my colleague Josie Geddes, who is an  experienced NHS CBT and EMDR therapist, a psychodynamic counsellor and an expert for all forms of addiction. Click on her name to get to her website for more information.


CV Eva Maiwald   CPsychol, Dipl.-Psych

1990-96 Training as a psychologist at Otto-Friedrich University Bamberg

1997-2008 Working in research and counselling

2008-2013 Training as a psychotherapist at MRT University Hospital Munich and VFKV

2013-2015 Training in Emotion Focused Therapy with Prof. Leslie Greenberg and ISEFT

2015-2017 Training in EMDR with EMDRIA int.

since 2001 Lecturer at KSFH University of Applied Sciences Munich

since 2013 Fully licensed German and European psychotherapist (registered with PK Bayern, KVB, European Association of Psychotherapy EAP, ISEFT)

2017-2018 Working within IAPT/NHS, registered with BABCP

since 2017 Lecturer at the Munich Filmschool HFF


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