EMDR is an effect-proofed method from trauma therapy, originally used for PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) where it proofed to be highly effective within just a handful of sessions. Meanwhile a more and more exciting research shows that EMDR can also be successfully applied to a wide range of problems: Complex trauma, anxieties, chronic pain, blockages,…

I have been using EMDR for a while now (I was a bit suspicious in the beginning, to be honest), and I became a huge fan. I usually combine it with EFT, in order to create an intense and therefore rather quick access to emotional processing.

EMDR very much targets the processes in the brain itself: The rapid eye movements (or other ways of bilateral stimulation), similar to REM-sleep, get the brain into a processing mode where associations get activated and eventually the ‘freeze’ (feeling of being stuck, blocked, etc.) dissolves.

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