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Chair Work London

I spent most of my career working with complex presentations - clients whose experiences, symptoms and needs don't fit into simplistic formulations.

A lot of my clients experience overlapping symptoms (e.g. depression and anxiety), who often have some kind of traumatic history and who might have had therapy before. I deeply enjoy helping my clients to untangle this complexity, find the right way in and explore which therapeutic approach helps them to claim back control over their life.

Sometimes this can be surprisingly easy and quick: EMDR and CBT offer a vast variety on evidence-based interventions and a very common-sense way of looking at problems. Sometimes it demands more patience to identify blockages. Or we might start working on certain symptoms that make daily life stressful and continuously lower your self-esteem. Often it is important to quickly find effective skills that help to deal with the symptoms (e. g. panic attacks) and then to find out how those symptoms developed over time and what keeps them from simply disappearing. 


Often therapy is very much about being kinder to oneself, more understanding and supporting. And there is different therapy approaches to work on exactly the same thing. But it’s also about understanding what’s going on and what it’s all about. My experience is that a combination of approaches works the best.

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