I offer state-of-the-art assessment and interventions for all imbalances around feelings.

That could be mood-swings, numbness, feelings of depression or anxiety, but also OCD, eating disorders, self-harming, somatisation, pain,…

A combination of evidence-based therapeutic techniques allows me to get to the centre of what causes your problems and help you to move towards emotional wellbeing.




Before moving to the UK and starting work with the NHS, I worked as a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist in various clinical settings in Germany. I have profound experience in treating the whole spectrum of mental health problems using a wide variety of evidence-based interventions.​ In addition to my CBT training, I trained in Emotion Focused Therapy and EMDR.

I am registered with the BABCP, ISEFT and EMDRIA and I am listed in the German register of doctors.

I believe that as the world around us changes, as well as change within ourselves, it is only natural to sometimes struggle to adjust. However, with the right techniques it becomes easier to integrate those changes into your life. In my work I like to combine cutting-edge research on approaches to emotional regulation and overall mental and physical wellbeing, as well as years of experience working as a psychologist and psychotherapist.  



Since 2019 I focus entirely on my private practice, where I specialise on an emotion-based approach to more complex presentations, often including the impact of complex trauma. Most of my patients benefit from a combination of 'hands-on' CBT strategies and experience-based emotion focused treatment. I enjoy working with clients who struggle with their emotion - mood swings, too much or too little emotion, often leading to relationship problems, but also somatic symptoms and, of course, more emotions....

Being able to learn about other people in depth is a great privilege of my job. I am curious to unravel the layers of a problem and find ways of helping my clients to self-regulate.  Therapy is a process, a journey you start on together, not knowing what you might encounter. We will use methods that help the process to get more intense, to help the emotions to show up, to bring problematic feelings into the therapy room, so we can look at them and find out, what they want to tell us and eventually, what could be done to make those feelings change. Or we might start working on certain symptoms that make daily life stressful and continuously lower your self-esteem.

Often therapy is very much about being kinder to oneself, more understanding and supporting. And there is different therapy approaches to work on exactly the same thing. But it’s also about understanding (with the brain and the heart) what’s going on and what it’s all about. My experience is that a combination of approaches works the best.

Since 2018 I share my rooms with my colleague Josie Geddes, who is an  experienced NHS CBT and EMDR therapist, a psychodynamic counsellor and an expert for all forms of addiction.

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First assessment (60-70 min):  £110

Individual session (50 min): £110

Couple session (70 min):  £150


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